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Cheap Hawaii Car Rental

Hawaii CarsCheap Hawaii Car Rental
Maui, Oahu, Kauai and Big Island discount car rentals
Car rental in Hawaii is quicker and cost less than ever before!

national rental companies * guaranteed reservations * current models * air conditioning * unlimited miles

Bonuses and Special Benefits

Hawaii Rent a CarHawaii Extra Driver Fees Waived

Read below to learn more about adding additional drivers for your rental vehicle.

A domestic partner is your spouse when renting a car through our service. You will never pay an extra driver fee when renting through through us. It's industry wide policy to allow spouse / domestic partner as an additional driver with for no charge. Most of our partner brands also allow for 1 to 2 additional free drivers. (This is one our best offers)

Highly Reduced Young Driver Fees

You must be 21 or older when you pickup. Some companies have a higher minimum age; 25 or older. Others charge a daily young Driver fee of $20-$27/day plus taxes. We have negotiated a discounted young driver fee of $10/day; saving you up to $17/day. The only limitation would be availability and/or location.

• Our Exlusive Digital Coupons are applied as you search our inventory of car rentals on this page.